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This pair were used as the top for a wedding cake. A nice couple, I mounted them temporarily on a stone slab. The larger is garnet with gold wire, the smaller is a moonstone with silver wire. The wings for each share a fringe of the other's color. These dragons are both large sized
Garnet's back on a white background Closeup of the garnet's head Darker image of the garnet's back
Front view of the garnet Front view of teh garnet on black Garnet pictured with pennies for size comparison
Moonstone pictured with pennies for size comparison Moonstone dragon and garnet dragon claw in claw Moonstone on a black background
Moonstone from the front Moonstone's side with wings Moonstone's wings on black spread out
Moonstones wings on white background Garnet's wing up close on white Garnet's wing up close on black with comparitive pennies
Garnet's wing on black
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